• Initial Notes on Veganism
    • People who are atheists are some times more theocratic or "religious" in their atheism. [[Richard Dawkins]]. People just look for religion in other aspects of the world trying to "fill" that space religion was in.
      • That just goes to show that religion has monopolized the idea of social cohesion. People aren't striving for religion, they're looking for connection with their creatures, and to do something productive for the world. Some people believe that's trying to go vegan, or throwing yourself into a football team. You've been brainwashed into thinking that as soon as someone tries to find support in a community and do good for the society is religion.
        • If that's what religion is, then any social becomes religious. And if everything is religious, then nothing is religious. That's watering down the meaning of religion then.
  • Outgrowing God –– Richard Dawkins