Here's a tiny space on the internet I'm using to share a growing collection of thoughts, ideas, notes and explorations. I don't have much of my own to say yet, but I'm hoping in collecting these notes over time, connections emerge and I get one step closer to understanding the world a little better. Below are some links to help you start exploring!

January 2024 reads and #book Notes:

Other recent book reads include:

All [[book]] notes, in no particular order.

And finally,

  • [[Now]] is a top of mind list - topics that have my attention, I'm thinking about and working on.
  • [[How I Built This Site]] is a meta-post about the site itself. I think I might turn this into a portfolio piece talking about the design and implementation of the website.

[[All Pages]] is a list of all the notes I have so far.

Here is a graph to visualize all the connections within and between the notes.