• "I know you and your propensity to assume the worst in all situations."
  • Did the palace feel smaller because I had grown accustomed to larger or because I myself had grown?
  • It was the kind of challenge that would live on in stories and in song, outlasting any mortal heart.
  • Ravana visited and taught me a game of his own invention entitled chaturanga. It was delightfully complex, played on a wooden board engraved with sixty-four squares.
  • I should probably check if chess originated from him, and India
  • "It is not weak to avoid war," I said, and my voice broke. Tears pricked at my eyes and I let them. "It is the strongest thing you could do, to avoid unnecessary bloodshed."
  • "Dread borrowed into it's ancestral home in my stomach."
  • Yudhajit held up his hands in mock surrender. "Yes, you're quite experienced."
  • "For her worry was rolling off her in waves."