• Made You Think –– The Qur'an
  • Three Islamic Truths
  • Highlights from Homo Deus
    • God is dead - it just takes a while to get rid of the body. Radical #islam poses no serious threat to the liberal package, because for all their fervor, the zealots don't understand the world of the twenty-first century, snd have nothing relevant to say about the novel dangers and opportunities that new technologies are generating all around us.
      • Islamic fundamentalists may repeat the mantra that 'Islam is the answer.' but religions that lose touch with the technological realities of the day lose their ability to even understand the questions being asked. What will happen to the job market once artificial intelligence outperforms humans in most cognitive tasks? What will be the political impact of a massive new class of economically useless people? What will happen to relationships, families and pension funds when nanotechnology and regenerative medicine turn eighty into the new fifty? What will happen when technology increases the wage gap between the rich and the poor?
      • _You will not find any of the answers to that in the Qur'an or the Sharia law, nor in the Bible or the Confucian Analects, because nobody in the middle east or ancient China knew much about computers, nanotechnology or computers. _ [[Made You Think - The Qur'an]]
      • Not because socialist humanism was philosophically more advanced than Islamic and Christian theology, but rather because Marx and Lenin devoted more attention to understanding the technological and economic realities of their time, than in pursuing ancient texts and prophetic dreams.
      • When genetic engineering and AI reveal their full potential, liberalism, democracy and free markets might become as obsolete as knives, tape cassettes, Islam and communism.