Date: 31-01-2021

  • I started by designing the website using Adobe XD and simplifying it as much as possible to reflect my usual design style. I wanted the work itself to stand out, instead of the website.
  • I also started this project with zero knowledge of React/Gatsby, and figured my way through by diving into the deep end.
  • This website was developed via Gatsby which uses React and GraphQL
  • The notes section was created with help from gatsby-theme-brain.
    • I extended the theme to convert a frontmatter field "tags" into separate links, so they could be processed and styled differently.
  • The portfolio section was created from scratch, using a variety of gatsby plug-ins.
    • I'm also using markdown (and some in-line HTML) to customize each portfolio feature.
    • In addition, I've made queries on the frontmatter of each file to make titles, tags, feature images, etc easer to handle.
  • The most fun part as a designer was creating a set of custom stylesheets for the entire site.

I'm still trying to come up with a better workflow to synchronize everything - from writing each note to the final deployment.

I'm always open to suggestions, feedback and thoughts on any aspects of this site.

If you're curious to see what aspects of the website I'm currently working on, check out [[Website To-Do]]